About Us

  • We are a family-run business with headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and Affiliate offices in India and China. We have an impressive array of clients, business partners, vendors and academic associates.
  • The company President and CEO, Mike Morgan, earned his PhD in Management and Marketing Science and Masters in Economics from the University of Texas at Dallas.  Mike served as an assistant professor for six years at Cornell University, teaching marketing research courses to graduate and undergraduate students.  His lifelong passion is addressing critical business challenges with real data.  Gilda Morgan, Chairman and CFO, is Filipino American, owns a majority of the stock and runs the company finances, making us one of very few Minority- and Women-Owned businesses (M/WBE) in our industry.  Paul Morgan is our Director of Sales and Marketing.
  • Morgan Analytics has been conducting commercial and public service projects since 2004 in the fields of Data and Marketing Science. Mike's most recent contract engagement was for Verizon's Enterprise Supply Chain Management, in the role of Senior Data Scientist and Consultant.
This website will include white papers and new research and database applications to serve the goals of both commercial and pressing public issues.  For more information, please click on the Contact Us link.
White Papers