Digital Analytics

Digital Analytics
  • Digital data travels over various channels as digitized signals.  Over channels such as the Internet, private lines and wireless bands.  These channel website traffic, email messages, and cellular/digital communications. 
  • Businesses investing in these media pay significantly for access and volume.  Fortunately, there are several ways to measure what kinds and quantities of digital media provide the best return on investment (ROI).
  • Like other, more traditional marketing media, digital communications are not always effective without clear targeting and effective messaging.  Reaching out to audiences across both digital and traditional channels, one must ensure the best ROI in total and on the margin, by channel, targets and messages.

  • Morgan Analytics provides research and analytics to support business strategies for:
  • - Optimizing web ad exposure, clickthrough, information requests and customer conversion rates.
  • - Tying website visitor behaviors to prior and subsequent clickstreams (attribution modeling + clickstream clustering).
  • - Priority scoring, tracking and testing of email open rates, clickthrough and conversion by marketing campaigns.
  • - Customer segmentation and segment performance scoring for wireless phone campaigns.